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Hungarian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Hungarian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Geza Vastagh - pronunciation? » answer
by phlammifer (UN), 2013-06-22, 15:10  Spam?  
Not a translation question so much as help with transliteration - how would Géza Vastagh be pronounced, please?

Many thanks in advance,

by Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2013-06-23, 16:20  Spam?  
IPA: geːza vaʃtag
by phlammifer (UN), 2013-06-23, 17:39  Spam?  
Thanks again!
unfinished or lost in translation? » answer
by idreamncolor, 2013-06-03, 18:58  Spam?  99.110.56...
I had a Hungarian male flirt with me in an online game for days. Just doing nice things that would help me when I was losing. Stuff like that.  It's a rapid paced game where your actual photo shows.
Today he said he was going to look at my fb.

He comes back and says "Katie.  You re simply"

I said "simply what? "  he says "yes?

When I told him that didn't make sense,  he sent me a flower and then a ring in the game.

At first I thought he was telling me I looked plain or ordinary.  
But after the gifts I didn't know if he didn't finish what he was saying or if something said in Hungarian directly translated into "you're simply"  but has And connotation of meaning something else. Like "you're simply beautiful" or  it's a term that might mean "engaged to be married"  and he was asking me..

I know its silly but I'm very curious.
by Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2013-06-03, 20:03  Spam?  
I don't think it makes any sense. "simply ...." requires a adjective there. I can't think of anything that would translate as "simply" and would be some sort of a compliment in Hungarian.

You should have asked him to tell you in Hungarian and I could have helped you.
by Tschiga (HU), 2013-06-05, 15:48  Spam?  
I am really sure, he probably wanted to express, you are unsophisticated/unpretentious.
Aren't you? :-)
by szelanyo (HU), 2013-06-09, 11:51  Spam?  
Come on, no one sends a virtual flower after telling a girl she's unsophisticated or ordinary:)
It could be simply gorgeous without gorgeous. And without noticing something is missing. Some people just don't read back, even in the middle of confusion.

BTW there is a HU slang "szimpi" which means "szimpatikus"=likeable, but he most probably wouldn't try to translate this to "simply".:)
Èn Budapesten lakom. - Is "Èn" the correct spelling here? » answer
by Serge (RU/UA), 2013-02-13, 19:00  Spam? Èn Budapesten lakom.
The DE-HU site gives a different version ( Én Budapesten lakom.):
---Én Budapesten lakom.---

Thanks for elucidation.
by Tschiga (HU), 2013-02-13, 20:06  Spam?  
Hi Serge,

The right version: 'Én Budapesten lakom.'
But you can also drop 'Én': ' 'Budapesten lakom.' This sentence has the same meaning!
Thanks, Tschiga.  #694219
by Serge (RU/UA), 2013-02-13, 20:16  Spam?  
I am a newbie at Hungarian, so your comment is greatly appreciated.
by Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2013-02-14, 22:07  Spam?  
Welcome to HU then Serge :)

You can pretty much forget about the normal sentence structure of EN/DE/RU etc.
Pronouns in the 1st position of a sentence and mostly in general are not used at all, because the flection of the verb indicates it already.
If you actually go for improving Hungarian, you're always welcome and feel free to ask here or in DE/HU. We'll certainly answer every question.
Hi, Heflamoke!  #694485
by Serge (RU/UA), 2013-02-15, 13:47  Spam?  
My interest in Hungarian is actually sparked off by the fact that I am going to Austria via Hungary in about a month. And I cannot go to a country without delving into its language to some extent. :) Of course, it's impossible to master a language in a month's time, but I hope I'll be able to use some basic words and phrases.
Anyway, I'll do my best to try and become at least a beginner. :)
Short English Paragraph to Hungarian » answer
by Maestromessier (UN), 2013-01-08, 00:36  Spam?  
My choir is traveling to Hungary this spring, and I was asked to make a short speech about a piece I wrote. If you could help me to be as correct as possible, I would appreciate it very much!

Hello, my name is Christian. As you can probably tell, I speak very little Hungarian. The next song is my own composition. It is called Matthew 18:20, for the source of the text. The text speaks of unity within God: "Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, I am there with them."

Here is the Hungarian premiere of "Matthew 18:20".

Thanks again!
I'll get back to you today with the translation.  #689703
by Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2013-01-09, 11:16  Spam?  
by Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2013-01-09, 20:53  Spam?  

Christian a nevem. Ahogy bizonyára halljátok, csak kicsit tudok magyarul. A következő dal saját szerzeményem. A címe Máté tizennyolc, húsz. Az Úr Jézussal történő egyesülésről szól.

„Mert ahol ketten vagy hárman egybegyűlnek az én nevemben, ott vagyok közöttük.”

Íme a Máté tizennyolc, húsz magyar bemutatója.
by Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2013-01-30, 15:09  Spam?  
I small note of thanks would do the trick if someone translates for you. (for free)
Prating » answer
by Mony, 2012-01-20, 07:39  Spam?  195.243.234...
Mi ennek a magyar megfelelője?


Talán beszédes, szószátyár, fecsegő?

by Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2012-01-20, 16:29  Spam?  
Id translate "to prate" with fecseg or csacsog.

prating (or prater) would be fecsegő

Rindy Leiter » answer
anonymous, 2011-08-03, 23:16  Spam?  97.81.210...
by Dimpz, 2011-06-20, 15:14  Spam?  78.149.113....
Hiya, i have a paragraph that i need translating. Its is quite rude what is being said, so if you would like to email me the translation, please let me no. Thanks alot if you can help.

Te Hányinger!
A világi cirkuszt csinálod a gyerekkel, mert rá mertem írni??? Mit hiszel, hogy megbasszuk egymást a Facebook-on? Nemhogy örülné' hogy faszt kapsz te csúfállat, még vered magad????? Hogy a JóIsten feketítsen meg mégjobban, mint meg vagy...Devla márola azt az amorf langaléta testedet, meg a punciszőr hajadat, úgy márola!!!! Neje', hamá' te értesz magyarul....Fordítgassad' magadnak...

aproximate answer  #788683
by aship (UN), Last modified: 2015-02-10, 15:17  Spam?  
Why do you make such a fuss about with the kid just because I contacted him on facebook? You should be happy that you get some action, don't be such a hard-ass ...  Don't tell me you don't know hungarian. Translate it for yourself then...

The rest is just swear words. Quite rude :) The last sentence is not hungarian, I'm guessing gipsy language, and probably more swear words.
Song Lyric translation  » answer
by Roszika, 2011-01-28, 13:48  Spam?  97.115.95....
I am making a tribute to my father who was born in Hungary, and passed away.  I heard a song on the Internet that I think will be appropriate as a background to family photos.  I understand a little bit of Hungarian - enough to know that the song is about missing someone, but I don't understand the meaning of all of the lyrics.  If you can help, I would be very grateful!  
Here are the lyrics:

Nem ébredek fel szívesen
Már a részegség sem old fel, azt hiszem
Oldjon fel az ég önző vágyaim alól
Míg hiányzol...

A baj, hogy minden arról szól
Az idő mindent elrabol
Mert Ő hozott el hirtelen, és Ő sodort tovább
S még hiányzol…

Én szállok az idővel és a széllel szembe talán
Telve a reménnyel: aki elment vár még rám
Én esküszöm, hogy mosolyogsz még rám
Én nem hiszem, hogy sosem érsz hozzám
» show full text
Song Lyric translation  -    #578186
by Natahari (HU/DE), 2011-02-16, 15:40  Spam?  
Hi Roszika,

here is a rough translation.
I am sorry that you lost your father.


I don’t like to wake up
And not even drinking eases [the pain], I think
Heaven shall release me from my desires
Until I miss you...

The problem is, that everything is about time
Time steals everything
Because it was [time] that brought you to me suddenly and it carried you away
And I still miss you…

I fly with time and maybe brave the wind
Full of hope´that the one that left still waits for me

And I could swear the you still smile at me
And I don’t believe that you will never touch me
Heaven cannot punish me, if I step in front of you
With my sinless soul
Because I miss you…

On the streets, [is where] I still exist,
My eyes are only searching one face, one colour,
But everybody knows, because it’s written on my forehead
That I still miss you…

I fly with time and maybe brave the wind
Full of hope´that the one that left still waits for me

And I could swear the you still smile at me
And I don’t believe that you will never touch me
Heaven cannot punish me, if I step in front of you
With my sinless soul
Because I miss you…
Thank you, Natahari  #637376
by Roszika (UN), 2012-01-17, 09:35  Spam?  
I really appreciate that you took the time to translate this song.  It means so much to me.  Thank you.
Translation Help Needed for Tattoo » answer
by sarabean, 2010-12-13, 02:53  Spam?  71.17.244....
Hi there,

Im looking for a translation of "how we survive is what makes us who we are".

Its basically a tattoo that represents fighting for what you believe in and fighting through any challenges that you are presented with. It means a lot to me and reminds me that every single person has challenges and struggles but the only thing that defines you is how you overcome those obstacles.

I chose Hungarian because thats my family history. My grandpa would always teach me small words that he could remember from his childhood and I would love the opportunity to honour my history.

I don't need a direct translation, but it needs to have the same meaning behind it. Please let me know what it is in Hungarian and what the translation actually means if it differs slightly from the original quote.

Thank you so much!
by ozntia (UN), 2011-01-29, 05:18  Spam?  

Here is the requested translation:

"A túlélés módja tesz bennünket azzá, amik vagyunk."

It has the same meaning as your english sentence.
Guidelines? See German forum! » answer
by Paul (AT), 2009-08-03, 23:11  Spam?  
Please use the German forum for questions about guidelines, at least for the time being, as most of the discussions about rules are the same for German and English and we need to discuss them in one place.
by ozntia (UN), 2010-10-15, 23:05  Spam?  
Do you mean german - english or german - hungarian?
German-Hungarian for questions related to Hungarian.  #548333
by Paul (AT), 2010-10-16, 19:46  Spam?  
German-English for general questions regarding (guidelines).
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