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Hungarian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Hungarian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Looking for translation » answer
by Rdjohns, 2017-06-20, 08:22  Spam?  107.77.109...
I own a Vizsla and I have heard there is a Hungarian saying: "if you own a vizsla, it lives on top of your head" I think this is a  beautiful phrase that really captures what it is like to own one of these dogs. Looking for a translation. Thank you!
Please help!  » answer
by MsJaclady, 2017-01-23, 16:19  Spam?  108.27.73....
Hi! I'm looking for help translating some pages from an old journal of my Dad. He was Hungarian, but unfortunately didn't teach us much of the language, and we don't have any family in Hungary that is still alive. He died last year, and this is one of the only pages in his journals that I couldn't translate. It's from his 20's so it seems pretty interesting. I'd be so grateful to anyone that could help!!! I've posted a link to photos of the pages, as I couldn't quite read or make out some of the words to type them in here. Thank you!
Title of Book » answer
by K8, 2016-07-21, 22:51  Spam?  73.187.248...
I'd like to know if there would be a proper translation of my grandfather's book, "Faith and Devotion" into Hungarian? Nobody can seem to give me a sure answer since it is in the context of a title. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
by CateLewitt (UN), 2016-09-20, 09:40  Spam?  
Hello! Here you'll be able to find freelance translators: I believe they will be happy to take this job and provide you with a translation of the book, so try registering on this board (no commission fee required) and looking for a competent translator - there are a lot of them and you can estimate their portfolios!
Translation  » answer
by alexxa, 2016-07-13, 13:42  Spam?  176.63.111...
Can someone tell me the English meaning of "monyonak" or "monyoval"
Please help!  » answer
by AmandaJulia, 2016-04-28, 15:53  Spam?  88.209.71...
Translator is misleading- pleased help me to understand the meaning of these 2 sentences!!

1) Na most mar tessek felkelni, mert reggel van..
2) Alig aludtam az ugy erzem alig lattalak...
i helping  #842355
by gyokerr, 2016-05-05, 13:13  Spam?  176.241.31....
I'm not perfect in Englisch, but in Hungarian...

1.)  Na most mar tessek felkelni, mert reggel van..
- Its time to wake up, because its morning
2.) Alig aludtam az ugy erzem alig lattalak...
- its sensless.
correction  #842356
by gyokerr, 2016-05-05, 13:19  Spam?  176.241.31....
Its time to wake up, because.... - Ideje felkelni, mert

1.) now you should wake up, because...
you tell it when anyone will not wake up and you warn him of couple time, but he will not...then you say "Na most mar tessek felkelni" or when he sleeping too long.
Translation needed » answer
by random123 (UN), 2016-04-09, 10:57  Spam?  
Ezek lehetnénk mi is csak én utálok futni, te meg nem létezel.

Could somebody translate this to English, please? Thank you!
by beromark97 (HU), 2016-07-07, 11:53  Spam?  
This could we be, too, but I loathe running and you don't exist.
Need translation » answer
by Monogram, 2016-03-23, 09:41  Spam?  92.234.213...
hello, I was wondering if anyone could translate this conversation. Thank you.
Translation » answer
by jacen0033, 2016-03-09, 15:04  Spam?  69.146.89....
Hey, I was wondering if someone could translate this phrase for me: "I await the return of the king." Could also be "I am waiting for the return of the king", if there's not a great translation for await. Thanks!
by beromark97 (HU), 2016-07-07, 11:54  Spam?  
Várom a király visszatértét / visszajöttét. | Várom, hogy a király visszatérjen.
Medal Inscription » answer
by lat3in (UN), 2016-03-04, 07:28  Spam?  
The inscription is on a medal dedicated to Joseph Anton Johann, Palatine of Hungary:


Help needed please: 1 question to translate » answer
by Kate_MKA, 2016-01-28, 12:13  Spam?  195.188.203...
Hello all,

I wonder if someone can give me a hand of help and translate 1 question from English to Hungarian?
Please find it below:

"In which country did you have your product serviced?"

Your help will be very appreciated!
hufeb  #832282
by hufeb, 2016-01-28, 18:41  Spam?  89.133.32...
Melyik országban javíttatta meg a termékét? -formal
Melyik országban javíttattad meg a termékedet? -informal

However I must note that 'your product'/termékét would sound rather akward to me, I would use 'good' or 'your ...(exact name of product) instead. Or drop 'your' and use 'product' in its own instead.
Depends on context. IMHO.
by Kate_MKA, 2016-01-28, 18:53  Spam?  195.188.203...
Thank you for the translation and comments Hufeb!
Help for a translation. Title of a gipsy jazz album » answer
by Apodakaquartet, 2016-01-23, 18:07  Spam?  79.152.252....
Hello everybody!

This summer I recorded a gipsy jazz CD and we would like to call te album "the form of trees" but wrote in hungarian. Nobody of my group know hungarian and I don't trust in internet translators so I should be very grateful if you could translate this for me.

How it's say in Hungarian "the form of trees"?

Thank you so much

hufeb  #832283
by hufeb, 2016-01-28, 18:42  Spam?  89.133.32...
You mean like shape of trees? Context?
by Apodakaquartet, 2016-02-07, 23:57  Spam?  79.152.78....
Yes, I mean the shape of trees.
by beromark97 (HU), 2016-07-07, 11:54  Spam?  
A fák alakjai.
can a Hungarian-speaker translate this line please? » answer
by Hontalan, 2016-01-22, 02:35  Spam?  88.74.68...
I understand the overall gist of this sentence, but I cannot understand not how some words connect with each other (the context is a discussion on the influence that the person with whom we fell in love has in the history of our life):

az élet alján minden cselekedetünk értelme talán mégis ez a kötés volt, mely valakihez fűzött

can someone give me a literal translation that makes sense in English (or German or French)?

Köszönom szépen...
Kukutz? Term of endearment » answer
by Omnichic82, 2016-01-19, 18:51  Spam?  96.236.124....
Hi everyone! When I was little, my Gramma used to call me a loving nickname that sounded like "kukutz." She has since passed away and my mom and her siblings were not allowed to learn Hungarian (1950s Cold War assimilation worries by my Grampa), so no one know how to spell it. I was always told it meant the little green worm that lives in the apple. Has anyone ever heard of this term before? And more importantly, does anyone know how to spell it? Many thanks in advance! Erica
hufeb  #832186
by hufeb, 2016-01-27, 19:39  Spam?  89.133.32...
It must be 'kukac' .
ask » answer
by les64, 2016-01-14, 05:40  Spam?  80.98.201....
Hogyan mondanátok magyarul azt, hogy:

"I wouldn't wish this on a snake"?
Help me understand please  =) .  » answer
by Erik from Sweden , 2015-10-13, 17:08  Spam?  78.72.35....
El kell menni ex baráttal orvoshoz, azután főzök valami finomat.
by les64, 2016-01-14, 05:28  Spam?  80.98.201....
I should go to the doctor with my former friend, then I'll cook some delicious.
Please Help » answer
by ALH, 2015-08-31, 22:35  Spam?  132.3.37...
Hi, could someone please tell me if I've gotten this right?

What I want to say is "The monster in heather", and what I think it would be in Hungarian is "A szörny hangaben."  Is that right?  Hangaben, for 'in heather'?

Also, can the word be used to describe the colour we call 'heather grey' in English, or does hanga only refer to the plant type of heather?
hufeb  #832188
by hufeb, 2016-01-27, 19:48  Spam?  89.133.32...
in heather = hangábAn at first pleace , but you would need the def. article here 'a hangában' . However it makes no sense - is it a proverb?
You may say 'hangaszürke' for heather grey but they wouldnt know what it is, beeing grammatically correct though - few people might know what heather is like in Hungary.
A few simple sentences, please help me!! » answer
by greentea (UN), 2015-07-08, 23:48  Spam?  
Hello, would you mind helping me with translation  of these sentences:

1) XXX will be a happiness
2) XXX will be a music
3) XXX will be an insomnia
4) XXX will be a guarantee of great fun
5) XXX will be the people
5) XXX will be a dance

Thanks in advance!!
Could you please help translate 'a goodbye phrase' » answer
by Greg767, 2015-02-05, 21:59  Spam?  212.140.142...
Could you please help me in short translation to Hungarian:

How to say:

Thank you for a pleasant stay enriched with your smile. I long to see you and speak to you again. Perhaps even you will be keen on sending me a message if you like the comment ;)

----- eot -----

I will appreciate your help. :)
by aship (UN), 2015-02-12, 23:27  Spam?  
Try something simpler. This is just too cringe for me to translate.
A short poem - translation » answer
by BlueEyesPoem, 2014-11-21, 15:23  Spam?  161.53.4...
Would somebody be so kind to translate this poem(?) in Hungarian:

When I look in your eyes, I can see the sea.
When I look at the sea, I can see your eyes.
Oh, why I can not be here and there at the same time?

Would this translation make sense:

Amikor megnézem a szemeidet, látom a tengert.
Amikor megnézem a tengert, látom a szemeidet.
Oh, én miért nem tudok lenni itt és ott egyidejűleg?

Thank you
Almost there...  #787906
by aship (UN), Last modified: 2015-02-05, 00:12  Spam?  
Amikor szemeidbe nézek, látom a tengert.
Amikor a tengerbe nézek, látom szemeidet.
Oh, miért is nem lehetek itt és ott egyidőben?
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